Maggie Coakley
  • There is always a risk of horses getting injured, whether it be out in the pasture or while being ridden


  • Most injuries we deal with are minor--they can be little cuts the horse gets from being kicked by another horse 


  • In this case, we clean out the cut and cold hose it. This has the same effect as icing does on one of our injuries. We have ice boots that we also use depending on where the cut is. We then put antibiotic ointment on it. Most of these heal within a couple of days. 


  • We often hand walk the horses as well so they do not become stiff, especially if they have to remain inside in a stalk due to an injury 


  • 'Bute' is a painkiller for horses sort of like an aspirin. We administer it to them by mouth if they are a little sore, though we do not exercise or play them if that is the case 


  • If there are more serious injuries, we call a vet and follow his instructions on how to care for the horse