Maggie Coakley
  • The horses have Mondays off because they will have played hard during the game on Sunday


  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays we exercise the horses on a track on the property


  • When we do this, we ride one horse and lead two other horses at the same time, one on either side. This is called "ponying," and it allows us to exercise the horses more efficiently 


  • While on the track we exercise the horses for about half an hour


  • Part of it may be trotting and part my be cantering; intervals of each depend on which point we are in the season and how fit the horses currently are

  • On Wednesdays and Fridays, we scrimmage


  • Some of the horses may not be exercised on the track on certain days depending on what the player feels is necessary. Jim and the pros will do what they refer to as "short work," which is just giving additional training to some of the horses: It's sort of a tune up if they are developing bad habits. 


(Pictured Left: Sweetwater; Born in Nebraska on March 25, 2006, SIRE - Rhythm Bound ($18,366), DAM - Chocolate Lover ($25,586), Racing Name - Bound to Lover, Career Earnings - $2,594)