Courtney, a second-generation polo player, has been a valuable member of the Milwaukee Polo Club team since 2010. Inspired by her father’s love of the game, Courtney decided to give the sport a try and in 2008 sought out a polo school to learn the game. After a few years of lessons, she was encouraged to join the Milwaukee Polo Club by her teacher. Courtney quickly moved from practicing with the team to becoming a full-fledged player in a matter of months and the rest is now history.


A Menomonee Falls native, Courtney has lived in the Milwaukee area her entire life and credits her introduction to the world of polo with her long-held love of horses and riding. A rider since a very young age, the world of polo held vast appeal to the athletic and competitive Courtney. “As soon as I picked up the mallet I was hooked,” said Courtney, “it’s a lifestyle.”


However much polo is a lifestyle, it’s not the only thing in her life. Courtney is a certified nurse and is happy that her job allows her the flexibility to give her horses the daily riding and training that they need. She plays for fun, not seeking professional glory or pressure. She’s just a woman who loves her horses and a sport that allows her to bond so thoroughly with them. Polo perfectly fits her niche.

One of Courtney’s favorite aspects of polo is the thrill of the going at a full-tilt gallop while executing complex plays and maneuvers. “I love to go fast,” said Courtney, “and it’s not just the going fast. You’re going fast and you have to think . . . you’re always trying to be one step ahead of the next play.”


The challenge and adrenaline of the game isn’t the only thing about polo that appeals to Courtney. She also loves the camaraderie and friendships that she and her teammates have built on and off the field. Her best friend is also a polo player, which only adds to the fun.


Whether she’s blazing up and down the polo pitch on her horses or making a complex play with her teammates during one of their many Sunday matches, Courtney’s love of polo keeps her life fun, thrilling, and fulfilling. She counts herself lucky to be able to compete in a sport that is so unlike any other.