Fans of the Milwaukee Polo Club might not recognize Danny’s face, but as the long-time announcer of the club’s games you’ll definitely recognize his voice. Danny’s unique announcing style with its boisterous mixture of quippy banter, bits of trivia, and thrilling play-by-play narration is one of the highlights of attending a Milwaukee Polo Club game.


Danny actually began his polo journey as a player first. A rider since the age of seven, he began playing polo at twelve years old with a few of the Milwaukee Polo Club members, most notably Jim Stevens. He played until his senior year of high school where he debated between becoming a professional polo player or a musician. Eventually music won out and he sold his horses to buy his first electric piano, leaving the polo field for more artistic pastures. He has since had—and continues to have—a fulfilling and flourishing musical career in performing and composing.

However, it wasn’t long before polo began to call him back. When Danny was in his mid-twenties, he received a call from Jim Stevens asking him to be the new announcer for the then-named Olympia Polo Club in Oconomowoc.


Danny found that the next best thing to playing polo is announcing it. He has since spent almost 30 years entertaining polo spectators with his love of the sport. He even got back in the saddle to start playing again for fun, only finally hanging up his mallet for good five years ago.


Whenever Danny speaks of his love for polo his passion for the game just pours out in droves. In his own words: “There’s nothing like it . . . the teammanship, the speed, complexity, and beauty of the game—there’s a danger involved with the game, that’s for sure—you should have a healthy dose of fear. . . It’s a dangerous sport but it’s just a noble, noble sport.”