Horses are Jim Huber’s passion. An avid polo player since 1970, Jim has long been around a sport that he describes as one of the most exhilarating sports there is. 


The Milwaukee Polo Club exists as it is largely because of all the love, dedication, and support Jim has poured into it over the years. For the last ten years, Jim has been committed to bringing in some of the best professional polo talent from South America to augment the Milwaukee Polo Club. This allows the club to compete and scrimmage at a higher level against other teams in the Midwest. 


Polo and horses are a way of life for Jim and his family. He came to Milwaukee in 1965 after having served in the Army and completing law school. Here he was able to open up his own horse training facility to make his passion into a business. 


Jim trains thoroughbreds exclusively for polo.  Jim buys horses off the racetrack to retrain for polo. He’s passionate about training these horses and the process of developing your own techniques and methods. It takes at least six months to a year to properly train a horse to respond to the rigors of the game. 

Watching these former racehorses master athletic maneuvers like pivots, spins, stops, or changing leads is one of the most satisfying things to Jim about training horses. Polo is an adrenaline-filled, contact sport that combines grace, athleticism, and horsemanship. The relationship between the rider and his or her horse is what makes polo such a stunning and thrilling game to play. He has over twenty horses at his farm at any one time, all being trained for the polo field. 


Something Jim loves about polo is how inclusive it is as a sport. It’s one of the few sports where you can see three different generations on the field at once—men and women alike. Polo brings his family together, both as a sport to watch and to play. On one or two occasions a year, Jim teams up with his son, Tom, and his grandson, Tommy, both of whom play for the Maryland Polo Club, to compete in tournaments. He encourages people of all experience levels to give it a try. 


Jim is particularly excited to have teamed up with iBG this year to watch the Milwaukee Polo Club grow and develop as he continues to support it and the training school. He looks forward to seeing the sport grow in Milwaukee as more people become aware of this amazing sport.