polo for Jim has been a family tradition. His grandfather ran Joy Farm polo club, which was an indoor arena located on the  northwest side of Milwaukee. Overall, Jim has been playing polo for over forty years right here in Wisconsin.


He has some great stories about rubbing shoulders with top stars like Stallone, and doing so in a relaxing environment where he was able to get top tips from the riders. Jim loved being invited to take part in professional tournaments, and played in Saturday night feature games on a regular basis.


Some of Jim’s polo career achievements include winning the International match against Canada, as well as another match against Ecuador as part of the USA team. He also won the US Indoor Open which is the highest indoor tournament that exists. The first year he won this with Rick and his dad; followed by the year with his dad and brother - what success!

Jim doesn’t find anything about the game difficult; he simply says it is pure fun. His favorite part of the sport is that you must be interactive and connective with the horses to achieve the speed necessary to win.


The ultimate rush is the bond and trust that you have with your horse. His aspirations for the Milwaukee Polo Club would be to change the stigma of the sport and make people aware that it is for everyone of any age or demographic.


Jim’s final words of the interview extended the message that…“You can play polo your whole life”.