A rider before she could even walk, Megan has been around horses her entire life. With both of her parents being polo players, the Milwaukee native was practically born into the game. However polo wasn’t an immediate love affair for Megan. As a child she hated it and despite her father’s enthusiasm for the sport, was far more interested in riding jumpers and hunters than picking up a mallet and hitting the polo pitch.


But Megan couldn’t stay away from the family pastime for long. She slowly began to play over the years, even playing in college. She still occasionally misses the world of jumpers and hunters and tries to jump whenever she can, but polo is now where her heart lies.


Now Megan is a certified professional polo teacher who is recognized by the United States Polo Association. She is very proud of being able to establish herself as an independent polo instructor with the means and ability to be able to travel anywhere and teach. Megan’s love of horses drives everything she does. She loves teaching new polo players and getting to rescue and train retiring racetrack horses to give them a new lease on life as a polo pony. Her expertise and passion has been a vital part of helping build the Milwaukee Polo Club’s polo school to what it is today.


This is Megan’s second year teaching the summer school for the Milwaukee Polo Club. She splits up her time by heading down to Florida during the winter to teach polo there.

In fact, after polo season in Milwaukee ends, Megan will be heading back down to Florida to begin her tenure as a full-time instructor for the Sarasota Polo Club. She will reside in Sarasota nine months out of the year, overseeing the club’s polo lessons and training, returning to Milwaukee for the summers to teach and play for the Milwaukee Polo Club.


One thing she loves about the Milwaukee Polo Club is how relaxed and family-friendly the atmosphere is. At matches spectators can meet the players after the match, pet the horses, and even occasionally, kids can take a quick ride on one of the ponies after the game.


Something Megan loves about teaching is seeing the wide variety of people who come in for lessons, with women and kids being the fastest growing group of new riders at both her schools. Her students can vary from young, beginning riders to businessmen who are looking to pick up a thrilling hobby outside of office hours.


Megan firmly believes that anyone can play polo. She states, “Polo is not for the rich and the famous and the royals. It’s for everybody and you can get into it at any level. You don’t have to have nine horses, you can have one or two and still play.”