of polo as a sport; he’s played for over 49 years, not only in and around the United States, but worldwide.


He has been riding horses since the age of 4 and playing on the field for over 25 years now. He started his young riding at Joy Farm, an indoor riding club in Mill Valley, Wisconsin. In those days, you could get everything you needed to play, including a horse for a mere $5, which is what it costs to attend a game with the Milwaukee Polo Club today. Rick said from the day he started, he loved the game!


He has also acquired many achievements in his years of polo including his position as Captain for the US team that played in Africa in the 1980’s. He also won international matches with the USA against Canada and Ecuador.


Rick also has a brotherly love for the game as he has been playing with his childhood friend, Jimmy Stevens for over 40 years. They even used to get asked to attend events and socials together as people were so used to seeing them as part of a duo team. Not only does Rick have a dear friend to share the sport with, but his daughter plays as well. His daughter Megan, started the Milwaukee Polo School just under a year ago now and has also been riding from a young age. I can’t tell you the pride I saw in Rick when he spoke of his daughter and how much he absolutely loves watching her play and sharing his passion for the sport. He explained that it’s almost as if he is out there on the pitch, full of adrenaline too.

Rick spoke on the horses of polo quite a bit, explaining that the connection with your horse is a one-of-kind connection. He stipulated that there are few horses he’s encountered of his lifetime in the sport that can play the game ‘almost’ without your guidance. The experience is incredibly unique, and rewarding; it’s as if you and the horse are truly one unit. Rick absolutely loves the game of polo, but he reminded me that this sport is extremely strategic and you must be smarter than your horse at all times.


He also tells us that the hardest thing about the sport is that you may be a really good athlete but not a good horseman and if you don’t have both, you’ll never hit the ball. You must have a relationship with the horse and be a talented rider to achieve success.


Rick would like to see more people interesting in the game of polo as he spoke of the family possibilities. There are few other sports you can play with your kids in the same tournament and win together. His final words for the polo world were "A Family Bonded Connective Sport".