Also known as bandages, these are colored materials wrapped around the horses’ lower legs. Wraps are typically made of a synthetic felt-like material and have some stretch to them. They serve two purposes: protecting the leg of the horse from swinging mallets, balls and hooves; and providing support.


Outdoors, the ball is typically about the size of a baseball and made of hard plastic. It should weigh between 3.5 and 4.5 ounces. In Argentina, a traditional ball made of wood is sometimes still used. In the arena, the ball is slightly larger and heavier, is made of leather, and is inflated, similar to a soccer ball or volleyball.


The mallet is used to hit the ball. A mallet is generally between 49 and 54 inches long. The cane is traditionally made from bamboo, although some players, especially arena players, may use canes of a fiberglass composite.



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