Maggie Coakley
  • The groom generally gets to the farm at least two hours before the start of the practice or game


  • We bring in all the horses from the paddocks


  • We brush the horses to remove dirt


  • It’s very important to pick their hooves to make sure there aren't any chips in the hoof or stones that could cause the horse to be sore


  • Then we always fly spray the horses so that they are less irritated by the bugs


  • Then we wrap their legs and take the horses to the field


  • Once at the field we braid down all their tails and tape them--we don't out the tail completely up until just before the chukker; that way the horse has the full use of her tail to swat at flies


  • We then tack up as many horses ahead of time as our tack permits-- Jim has a different bridle fitted for each horse and each is given a bit that works well with the temperament of the horse


  • Saddles also fit differently: some horses have wide backs while others have very narrow backs; some have high withers and others don't. So it's necessary to have varying saddles in order to have one that fits each type of horse