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In a stunning rally, the Milwaukee Polo Club made up a five goal deficit in the final two  chukkers to tie the Minneapolis Polo Club 11 to 11 on Sunday.  Minneapolis jumped off to a 3 to 1 lead in the first chukker and led the Milwaukee team 7 to 3 at halftime.  Milwaukee started to come back in the 4th chukker with 2 goals by Ford MacCarty, only to be answered by two goals by Minneapolis ‘ Flaco Muldanado, thus leaving the home team with a 9-4 deficit at the end of the 4th chukker.  Milwaukee then rallied to score 5 goals in the final two chukkers, tying the score at 11-11.  Joaquin Jude led Milwaukee’s comeback with 3 goals.


Rather than play sudden death overtime, both Clubs agreed to end the match with a tie score.  “The horses had already played one chukker each,” said Club President Jim Huber, “and the Iowa horses were then scheduled for a seven hour road-trip back home.”  Rather than doubling up with an additional chukker, the team decided it was best for the horses to call it a game.


Joaquin Jude and Ford MacCarty led Milwaukee with five and three goals respectively.  Muldanado led Iowa with 7 goals.  Jude was again selected as Most Valuable Player.


“This was a terrific match,” said Huber.  It sure looked like Milwaukee was in for a long afternoon not having obtained the lead during the entire game and going into the final two chukkers with a 5 goal deficit.  But Jude then took charge of the team’s offense scoring three goals himself in that period, with one each added by Jimmy Stevens and MacCarty. 


“This was another record attendance,” said Huber.  And the game was the kind the fans love.  Most of the play in the final two chukkers took place on the spectator side of the field, this providing an up close feel for the fans as these 1,000-pound thoroughbreds galloped by up to 35 miles an hour only a few yards away.


Milwaukee’s next home game is 1:00 PM on Sunday, August 3 against the St. Louis Polo Club.


The fields are located at N75 W30359 County Highway VV, Hartland, WI 53029 (just 1 mile east of County VV in North Lake and 3 miles west of Merton).  Admission is $5 for adults; children under 12 are free.




The Milwaukee Polo Club rebounded from a 2 goal halftime deficit to defeat the St. Louis Polo Club 8-5 on Sunday.


St. Louis jumped off to an early lead in the first chukker by scoring 3 goals to 1 goal for Milwaukee.  They then maintained the lead as each team scored two goals in the 2nd and 3rd chukkers for a halftime score of 5-3 in St. Louis’ favor.


The Milwaukee team then put on an extraordinary display of both offense and defense by completely shutting down St. Louis offense for the entire second half, and scoring five unanswered goals resulting in a final score of 8-5 for Milwaukee.


“What a great game!” said Club President Jim Huber.  To shut out any team for an entire half is one thing; to shut down a team led by former 6 goaler Steve Orthwein is quite an achievement.  It was just another grueling battle in the 50-year rivalry which goes back to Bob Uihlein and Sunday Polo at Uihlein Field on Good Hope Road.


 “We clicked on all cylinders in the second half,” said Huber.  Ford MacCarty and Joaquin Jude were spectacular.  MacCarty’s breakaway goal in the 4th chukker to tie the game brought the crowd to its feet with applause.  And Jimmy Stevens and Courtney Rohs also played their best games of the season, both offensively and defensively.   The crowd, which continues to grow each weekend, appreciated the efforts by every player on the Milwaukee team.


MacCarty led Milwaukee with 4 goals.  Steven Orthwein and Ariel Loza lead St. Louis with 2 goals each.  MacCarty was named Most Valuable Player, and his grey thoroughbred mare was named Best Playing Pony.


The Milwaukee team will play two games this weekend.  At 6:00 PM on Friday, August 8 the team will play Blackberg Ranch of Minneapolis.  The teams will meet again for the feature game at 1:00 PM on Sunday.  “The Friday night game is both a makeup game for previous games canceled because of rain, and an experiment to see if the fans also enjoy a Friday evening contest, “said Huber.


The fields are located at N75 W30359 County Highway VV, Hartland, WI 53029 (just 1 mile east of County VV in North Lake and 3 miles west of Merton).  Admission is $5 for adults; children under 12 are free.




The Milwaukee Polo Club won one game and lost one game to the Minneapolis Polo Club this past weekend.  In the Friday evening match Milwaukee defeated Minneapolis 9 to 8; in Sunday’s Feature game, Minneapolis defeated Milwaukee 9 to 7.


In the Friday evening match, Minneapolis jumped off to a 1 goal lead after the first 2 chukkers, only to have Milwaukee answer with two goals by Joaquin Jude to tie the score 3-3 at half time.  Milwaukee then scored 4 goals in the second half to 5 for Minneapolis, but won the game with their two goal handicap advantage.  Jude was high scorer for Milwaukee with 4 goals.   Josh Shelton and Jared Berg led Minneapolis with 3 goals each.  Jude was selected Most Valuable Player and his thoroughbred mare, Sierra, playing in her rookie season, was named Best Playing Pony.


In Sunday’s game, Minneapolis jumped off to an early lead, outscoring Milwaukee 7 to 5 in the first half: Each team scored only two goals in the second half to end the game in Minneapolis’ favor 9 to 7.  Jude again led Milwaukee with 3 goals and Shelton led Minneapolis with 4 goals.  Minneapolis’ Pedro Lara was named Most Valuable Player.  Shelton’s thoroughbred mare, “Purista,” was selected as Best Playing Pony.


“Both were exciting games,” said Club President Jim Huber.  Fridays’ game, which was an experimental evening game, was well received by the fans.  “We’ll probably have two or three Friday evening games next year,” said Huber.


Sunday’s game was a significantly faster pace that Friday, according to Huber.  Minneapolis simply was quicker to the ball and quicker to avoid Milwaukee’s defensive play.  Moreover, Milwaukee was called for 7 penalties, 4 of which resulted in goals for the visiting team.  “With that many penalties, it is very difficult to win the game,” said Huber.  But it was still a hard fought game, and the crowd keeps getting bigger every weekend.


There is no home game next weekend as the team is taking its annual bye to compete in the Minneapolis tournament.  Milwaukee will return on Sunday, August 24 for its final game of the season against the Twin City Polo Club.  It is also the weekend of Wisconsin Aviation’s Sponsorship where the planes land on the field.  “It’s always the most popular game of the season,” said Huber.  We expect a huge season ending crowd.


The fields are located at N75 W30359 County Highway VV, Hartland, WI 53029 (just 1 mile east of County VV in North Lake and 3 miles west of Merton).  Admission is $5 for adults; children under 12 are free.




The Milwaukee Polo Club will end its 2014 season on Sunday with a match against the Prairie River Home Care team based in Buffalo, Minnesota.


The team returned from Minnesota this past weekend with one win and two losses in the Central Circuit Binger Cup.  In a match a Friday, Milwaukee lost to Des Moines by a score of 11-8, thus sending the team to the Round Robin Consolation bracket.  On Sunday, Milwaukee lost to Prairie River 7-5 but then went on to defeat the Twin City Polo Club by a score of 7-3. 


The team is now gearing up for its final match of the season against Prairie River, which suffered its only defeat of the entire 2014 season in a loss to Blackberg Ranch in a preliminary match in the Binger Cup.


“Sunday’s finale should be a great match said club president,” Jim Huber.  Prairie River probably has the best balance and best teamwork of any team we have met this year.  It will be fun to watch Milwaukee’s top professional Joaquin Jude of Montevideo, Uruguay, go up against Gonzalo Di Ciurcio who plays with the International Polo Club of Palm Beach during the winter season.  Both are tremendous athletes, very experienced in polo, and very good with horses.  Milwaukee will be short handed without the help of Ford MacCarty, of Sheridan, Wyoming, who had to ship his horses to Florida for the beginning of the Florida season.


“If the weather cooperates it’s going to be a huge crowd,” said Huber.  We have three sponsors – Mercedes, Robert W. Baird, and Wisconsin Aviation.


The fans know the airplanes will be flying in and taking off from the fields, which is a thrill to watch.  “A great way to end a great season,” said Huber.


The fields are located at N75 W30359 County Highway VV, Hartland, WI 53029 (just 1 mile east of County VV in North Lake and 3 miles west of Merton).  Admission is $5 for adults; children under 12 are free



The Milwaukee Polo Club concluded its 2014 season Sunday with an 11-9 loss to the Prairie River Home Care Polo Club of Minneapolis.  Milwaukee jumped off to a 2-1 lead in the first chukker on goals by Joaquin Jude and Nadir Kahn.  Milwaukee then continued to lead the Minneapolis team by two goals through the 4th chukker.  Minneapolis closed the gap in the 5th chukker bringing the teams to a 9 to 9 tie as the team entered the 6th and final chukker.  Minneapolis then scored two unanswered goals resulting in an 11-9 win.


“What a fabulous game,” said Club President Jim Huber –“and a fabulous group of fans.”  The maximum spread of 2 goals between the teams for 5 chukkers kept the crowd on their feet and cheering.  And to watch Milwaukee’s Joaquin Jude with his skilled mallet work and breakaways was a real treat.  Jude, having his best game of the season, led Milwaukee with 5 goals: Gastone Romando led Minneapolis with 6 goals.  Jude was selected as the Most Valuable Player in the game and his thoroughbred mare, Rabbit Ears, won the Best Playing Pony.


“It was a great day for polo,” said Huber.  The weather cooperated and between 800-1000 fans showed up to watch the match, stomp the divots, see the horses and meet the players. “In its own small way, Sunday polo in the Lake Country has gone “viral””, said Huber.  New fans are being introduced to this family friendly game each week, due in no small part to the marketing efforts of iBrand Group.  “Our 2014 crowd and sponsor base tripled this year,” said Huber, “and puts us in a great position to start the 2015 season.”  But for now it’s a 5-month sabbatical for the horses, many of which have been playing since March.  They need a rest, as do the players.